Baseball Simulator

Closely aligned to the golf simulation, the baseball simulation gaming offers you multiple different virtual baseball environments in which you can play. Speed and distance tracking, as well as a post-game analysis, will add to the fun and the laughter as you belt a homer or hit the ball into an empty part of the field to outwit the opposing team.

Customize the stadium and make it just what you're looking for as you head out to the mound and enjoy the game of your life. There are three skill levels to choose from, offering you the means to build and maintain the pitching talent that you want to pitch.

Selecting the mound view in your virtual baseball game will require you to have a very strong pitch in order for your ball to travel the 60 feet to the plate. Delivery precision and speed are attained via the use of the closeup view and you can add some unique fun to the game when you elect to use the zombies for your opposing team.